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Our Cherry Picker And Operator Hire Service


The DJI team offer cherry picker and operator hire in and around Nottinghamshire when you use our cherry picker hire service our operator will deliver the machine to site and ensure optimum set up so the MEWP can assist in getting your job done quickly and safely.


Using a cherry picker that can reach heights of up to 17 meters can be a dangerous job, particularly when the machine is used by somebody without the correct training or experience. This is why we only send our machines out with a fully trained and IPAF accredited operator to ensure the MEWP is set up correctly and operated safely, thus dramatically reducing the risk of personal injury and damage to property.


Our friendly and helpful operatives carry out many different types of jobs at heights for our own customers and we are not afraid to get our hands dirty, therefore we will always do our very best to assist you with your job as well whenever possible. 


When you are finished with the cherry picker our operator will then load the machine up and remove it from the site so you won't need to worry about storing the cherry picker or keeping it safe.





How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Cherry Picker With An Operator In Nottinghamshire?





At DJI we understand that not all of the high up hard to reach jobs take all day to carry out and that having to hire a cherrypicker or MEWP for the entire day can seriously eat into the budget or profits of a particular project or job. This is why we have broken our hire rates down into 3 options so you only pay for the time you need.    


2-hour cherrypicker and operator hire - £200 + vat


Half day cherrypicker hire (4hours) - £300 + vat


Full day cherrypicker hire (8hours) - £500 + vat


*Our rates are based on the service being used within a 25-mile radius of our base in Mansfield (NG15 7AB), to hire our cherrypicker outside of this area we charge an additional £1 per mile to compensate for travel time and fuel. All PPE equipment is provided.


Our cherry picker hire service is offered in and around Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby, Newark, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Chesterfield, the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. 




How High Can Our Cherry Picker Reach?


Our tracked spider cherry picker is the ideal tool for reaching the high up places that are awkward to access. This is a mobile compact machine that has the ability to track through passages no less than 800mm wide meaning it can fit through most doorways, it can also climb stairs and go over rough terrain. Its none marking tracks won't leave unwanted scuffs on floors, and, because it can run on both diesel and electric it can work indoors quietly, without fumes. This cherry picker can reach a working height of up to 17.5m and has the ability to reach out to a distance of 9 meters.   


To help you understand in more detail the capabilities of our tracked spider cherry picker we have dedicated a page to explain our machine in more detail, to visit this page click the button below -


The Spider In More Detail




How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book The Cherry Picker Hire?




For planned maintenance works or other planned jobs in high awkward places, it is always best to get booked in as early as possible to ensure our machines are available. However, it is not uncommon for our team to help people at short notice, a common example of this is when stove installation companies underestimate the height of a chimney then contact us to help them install a chimney liner sometimes on the same day. We will always do our best to help where possible but we advise you to book our cherry picker hire service as soon as you know you need us.  



What Are The Advantages With Using A Cherry Picker



As cherry picker operators, we would have to admit we are a little bit biased towards cherry pickers however we feel there are many advantages to using them instead of other methods to accessing jobs in high up places, they are as follows - 


Safety -  When compared to using ladders cherry pickers are a much safer option. When using a cherry picker you stand in a caged basket with rails all around you to prevent you from falling out. A cherry picker won't slip out of position or fall to one side like a ladder could if you overstretch.


Handsfree -  When compared to using ladders your hands are free to help you carry out the works you need to carry out at heights, when using ladders for safety it is always a good idea to keep 3 points of contact on the ladders leaving only one hand free to carry out the works.


Ease -  When compared to using ladders or a scaffold, small jobs at height are much easier using a cherry picker. This is because there is no climbing involved when using a cherry picker, this is particularly useful when you need to carry tools or materials to the area you need to work at, at height.


Convenience -  When hiring a cherry picker with an operator the machine is delivered on site just before the works are carried out, it is then removed from the site once the job is finished. If you compare this service to using scaffolding, the scaffolding company might come a few days before the job is carried out to erect your scaffolding, the job would be carried out then a few days later the scaffolding is removed. Sometimes a scaffolding can be in places for days inconveniencing customers and tradesmen alike. 


Sometimes it can take more time to erect and dismantle scaffolding than it does to carry out the required works.


Cost - For small repair and maintenance jobs at height, it is far more cost effective to hire a cherry picker than it is to have scaffolding erected.




Where Do We Offer Our Cherry Picker And Operator Hire Service?




The DJI team are based in north Nottinghamshire and often work in and around Nottingham, Mansfield, Newark, Derby and Chesterfield.


It is not uncommon for our team to venture further afield for our customers who generally compensate us for the extra fuel and time it takes to get to and from jobs in areas outside of our usual working areas.


Cherry Picker And Operator Hire At Nottingham High School





 - The DJI team and the spider cherry picker went back to school to assist with the installation of a new sound system in the John Players Hall. 


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