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Our Chimney Repair And Maintenance Service In Nottingham

The DJI team prides itself on being able to provide a chimney maintenance service that is unrivalled by our competitors.

Our in-house accessing equipment means we are able to get to and work on chimneys without the use of expensive scaffolding, we are able to carry out our work quickly and safely, without prices that are as high as the chimney itself.

Your chimney is possibly the most exposed part of your house so it is a good idea to have it checked regularly.

DJI High Access Services Offer FREE chimney surveys with detailed chimney reports for all our customers based in and around Nottingham.

Keeping your chimney well maintained is an essential part of your home maintenance as leaving the chimney unchecked for long periods of time can lead to serious chimney erosion, deterioration and structural damage.

For more information about the type of problems you might expect to find with your chimney, please see common chimney problems page


How Does Our Nottingham Chimney Repair and Maintenance Service Work?

The first part of our chimney maintenance and repair service is our free chimney survey which is offered to all of our customers in and around Nottingham.

To request your free chimney survey all you need to do is contact us either by phone, email or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

During the chimney survey, one of our team member s will visit your property to survey your chimney during the survey we will photograph any problems we find at chimney level, paying particular attention to any issues that require maintenance. Because we are able to conduct this survey from the outside of the property we are able to look at and photograph your chimney even if you are unable to be at home during the survey, this way you won't have to make any special arrangements or take time out of your schedule to accommodate us. 

Once our survey has been completed we will then prepare a chimney report which will be sent to you via email in a PDF format.

The chimney report includes details of any problems we find with your chimney and an explanation of why we have highlighted the particular problem, we will also include any related photos we have taken of the particular chimney problems so you can see them for yourself.

We then make recommendations for the works we believe would best suit your chimney and provide a quotation for any chimney works we recommend. 

If you would like to see an example of how we conduct a roof and chimney survey, please see our please see our chimney and roof survey page



How Do We Carry Out Our Chimney Repairs?

After you receive and read your chimney report and providing you agree with our recommendations and quotations, the next step is to give us the go-ahead to carry out your chimney repairs.

The DJI team will then arrange a suitable day to carry out your chimney works.

Because all of our works are on the outside of the property and we arrive on site with everything we need to carry out the works, including water and power, we don't require anybody to be at home while the chimney repairs are being carried out.

The DJI team own and operate cherry pickers which we use to carry out the works on the chimney.

This means we don't need to set up scaffolding to carry out the chimney works. Therefore, our team and equipment are only on site from when we start the works too when it is finished and you are not left with inconvenient scaffolding cluttering up the outside of your property for days on end.

Once all of the chimney works are completed our team tidy up and leave.

For a more detailed look at how we carry out our work, see our chimney repairs and maintenance in more detail page.



Chimney Pointing Nottingham

Weak, missing or damaged mortar joints between the brickworks joints on a chimney will not only cause potential structural problems for a chimney but could also be the cause of damp inside your home.

The DJI team offer a chimney re-pointing service in and around Nottingham that is hard to beat.

Using our in-house cherry pickers to access the chimney we are able to grind out the old mortar joints and re-point your chimney without the use of scaffolding, making our chimney re-pointing service quick and affordable.

If you live in or around Nottingham and would like a free quotation to have your chimney re-pointed please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page and we will survey your chimney and send you a chimney report with quotations. 



Chimney Flauncing Repairs In Nottingham

Having a strong concrete chimney flauncing on top of your chimney is one of the most important things you can have to keep your chimney protected against the elements.

The concrete flauncing on top of your chimney prevents water from getting inside the chimney flues and brickwork when the concrete flauncing on top of the chimney becomes cracked and loose water can find its way inside.

Using our cherry pickers the DJI Team are able to reach the top of the chimney to replace the concrete flauncing, keeping rainwater out and your flues and brickwork protected.



Chimney Stack Removal In Nottingham


Having large amounts of heavy bricks and mortar above your head might not be very appealing, particularly if your chimney is poorly maintained and structurally poor.

Is the chimney a constant source of leaks, problems or expense?

If your chimney is no longer in use and you have no plans to use it again in the future is it worth keeping?

The first thing you have to consider is whether or not the chimney is shared.

If you do have a shared chimney you will need to agree with your neighbour to remove it because it's not practical to only remove one side of the chimney. 

When removing the chimney altogether is the best option, the DJI Team are happy to remove the chimneys brickwork to below the line of the roof, we can then repair the hole left behind doing our very best to match the existing tiles on the roof to make the chimney removal less obvious.



Chimney Cowl And Bird Guard Installation In Nottingham


Open chimney pots can cause a variety of problems including damp on internal chimney breasts, erosion to the masonry inside the chimney flue and problems with nesting birds.

The DJI team are the ideal choice when deciding upon a company to install your chimney cowls or bird guards.

Using our cherry pickers we are able to get the job done quickly and efficiently without the use of scaffolding, making our chimney cowl and bird guard installation service easy, cost-effective and hassle-free.



How Long Does It Take To Repair A Chimney

The time it takes to carry out the chimney repairs can vary depending on the size of the chimney, how easy it is to access and how much work needs to be done.

However, the majority of the chimneys we carry out maintenance works to take less than a day.

If our customer leaves their house before 8:00 and doesn't get home before 17:00 it is not uncommon for us not to see our customer at all during the chimney maintenance works and because we don't require scaffolding to carry out the chimney works and we tidy up after ourselves, the only evidence left that we have been working on your chimney during the day is the fresh new look the chimney has.



How Much Does It Cost To Have My Chimney Repaired?




Again this question can depend on a variety of factors including the size of the chimney, how easy it is to access and how much work is required to the chimney. As we use our own cherry pickers to access the chimney, not only does this prevent the inconvenience of having a scaffold erected and then taken down it also saves a lot of the expense associated with carrying out the chimney works.

As mentioned above the DJI team offer a FREE chimney survey which includes photo's, recommendations and quotations for all of the suggested chimney repairs in the report we give you. If you would like to take advantage of this free chimney survey, please contact us today and provide us with the information we need to arrange your chimney survey. 

You can get in touch with us very easily by simply filling out the contact form found at the bottom of this page. 

For the answers to other questions, we are asked on a regular basis about our chimney services, please see our frequently asked questions page.



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