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Our Roof Repair and Maintenance Service

The DJI Team are high access maintenance and repairs specialists, for us this often means maintaining and repairing roofs. We do this for a variety of customers including letting agents, property management companies, private domestic homeowners and more.

Looking after your roof is a long-term saving. It prevents accumulative problems that can lead to an expensive job! Here at DJI we can keep on top of those little niggles and keep your roof in tip-top condition. The DJI team also offer free roof surveys which include photos, recommendations and quotations.

We carry out the majority of our roof maintenance jobs using our cherry pickers which helps us to keep the cost of our service down and reduces the hassles associated with scaffolding.





How Does Our Roof Repair and Maintenance Service Work?





If you have concerns about the condition of your roof or have sprung an unexpected leak, feel free to contact us for a FREE roof report. 

We will then schedule in a time to visit your property and carry out a roof survey, during the survey we look at all of the different elements of your roof taking photos of any problems we find. These photos are then put into a roof report that contains explanations of the different roof problems, recommendations on how to repair or maintain the roof and itemised quotations to get the problems fixed.

If you then wish to carry out our recommended roof works we will schedule a time to get them carried out.

Because all of our works are on the outside of the property and we come to each job with everything we need to carry out the roof works, you don't need to be at home while your roof repairs are carried out. This means you won't have to reschedule your busy days to accommodate us.

More times than not we carry out our roof repairs and maintenance works using a cherry picker, this means we don't need to have scaffolding erected outside your home before the works are carried out. Also when we have finished our works we will remove our cherry picker.

Often when roof works are carried out scaffolding can be erected around a building for several days before and after the roof works are carried out, this can be quite intrusive and inconvenient.




Roof Surveys and Reports

Many of our customers manage multiple properties for landlords. We get a lot of positive feedback about the reports we send out to our customers, who appreciate being shown photos and explanations of the different problems we find on the roof.

As a roof is high up and hard to access it is not easy to see the problems for yourself, that coupled with the bad reputation a few rough builders have given tradesmen, it is understandable why many people feel nervous about  having this type of work carried out, particularly if you don't know the roofer yourself. To put our customer's mind at rest, in the recommendations section of our roof reports we explain exactly what works we would carry out and why, this, coupled with the photographs of the problems themselves helps to put our customer's minds at rest.

We are also happy to provide after photographs of our work, however, we request these are asked for before we remove our cherry picker from the site because we don't always take photos of our jobs and having to return to take photos will cause us inconvenience. 



Where Do We Offer Our Roof Repair and Maintenance Service?




The DJI Team are based in North Nottinghamshire and we offer our roofing services in and around Nottingham, Mansfield, Newark, Derby and Chesterfield.

We often travel further to carry out roof repairs for our regular customers and we are happy to do this. The reason we can do this for our regular customer's id because we don't have to visit the job to quote for the works, generally this is either agreed beforehand or they trust us to invoice them fairly.



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