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About Our Spider Cherry Picker


Our Platform basket spider 18.90 pro is a versatile, tracked spider cherry picker.

We use this machine for a variety of different jobs at heights, including roof and chimney repairs, gutter repairs, high access maintenance and tree work etc. We also offer a cherry picker and operator hire service using this machine.

To help you understand our spider cherry picker better we have dedicated a page of our website to this machine so you can see for yourself what it is and is not capable of.



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How High and Far Can Our Cherry Picker Reach?


The spider cherry picker has three working booms which determine the overall reach and height that the cherry picker can achieve.

The first boom which is attached to the main body of the cherry picker extends upwards when the cherry picker is lifted up on its outriggers, this boom can reach a height of 5 meters. This boom is attached to the centre of the body of the machine so when it's raised it also affects the reach of the cherry picker, the boom itself is 3 meters long however due to how it is attached to the main body of the cherry picker when it is raised it will extend the reach of the cherry picker by roughly 1.5 meters.

Attached to this boom is the cherry picker's telescopic boom, in its stowed position this boom has an overall length of 3.5 meters. However, this boom has the ability to extend outwards by a further 6.5 meters. Because this boom is attached to one end of the first boom and has the ability to lift up and down this second boom effects both the height and the reach of the cherry picker. For instance, if the first cherry picker boom is fully raised to 5 meters, depending on the weight in the man basket, the second boom could potentially reach at a 90 degree angle up to 6.5 meters or it could be raised straight up.

The third boom is called the fly jib, this is attached to the telescopic boom, and the man basket is attached to the fly jib. This boom has an overall length of around 1.5 meters. This boom also moves up and down. The fly jib is a very useful feature on our cherry picker as it gives us the capabilities of reaching up and over objects such as the ridgeline on a roof. To help you understand this more clear image, you needed to fix a roof tile on the back elevation of a roof, on a normal sized 2 storey house, the gutter line is roughly 5 meters up. the first boom of the cherry picker will get you to this height. From the gutter line to the ridge tiles is roughly 5 meters in length, the second boom will easily take you to the ridgeline, however if you need to reach a tile on the other side of the ridge the second cherry picker boom will extend over the top of the roof because if you try to lower the boom it will smash through the ridge, so although you might be able to see the tile you need to reach you will be far too high up to fix it. Because the fly jib is attached to the telescopic boom it is then able to lower you down by 1.5 meters which hopefully is enough to get the tile fixed.   





About Our Spider Cherry Picker


Our Platform basket spider 18.90 pro is a versatile, tracked spider cherry picker.

We use this machine for a variety of different jobs at heights, including roof and chimney repairs, gutter repairs, high access maintenance and tree work etc. We also offer a cherry picker and operator hire service using this machine.

To help you understand our spider cherry picker better we have dedicated a page of our website to this machine so you can see for yourself what it is and is not capable of.





How Much Space Does Our Cherry Picker Need?


The total length of our cherry picker from the tip of the man basket to the end of the back boom is 5.2 meters long in its full-sized stowed position. The overall length of the cherry picker can be reduced in length by a further 500mm by removing the man basket. This has its advantages when tracking the machine around corners as having a shorter cherry picker makes turning much easier.

To keep the cherry picker stable when it is in use, four outriggers extend out of the side of the machine, to lower and set up these outriggers the cherry picker needs a space 3.2 meters wide.  



cherry picker in Nottingham back garden


What Is The Minimum Width The Spider Cherry Picker Can Fit Through?


The spider cherry picker has the ability to shrink down in size by reducing the width of its tracks.

When the tracks are set to its narrow tracking mode the spider can fit through a gateway 800mm wide.

By reducing the width of the tracks also reduces the height of the cherry picker as well giving it the capabilities of fitting under a space 1.9 meters tall.

Again this means we are able to take our spider cherry picker into places other cherry pickers simply cannot go, we often have to squeeze our spider through narrow gateways into back gardens to access chimneys or to carry out other roofing repairs or jobs at height.



cherry picker driving through doorway


What is the maximum Weight The Cherry Picker Can Lift?


Our cherry picker has a two-man basket with a weight limit of 200kg, this means if the men inside the basket aren't heavy, the cherry picker can lift two men and hand tools into position. 

Having a heavy load in the basket of the machine can affect the safe working reach of the machine as reaching too far with a lot of weight in the basket could pull the machine over. The spider cherry picker has sensors built into the machine to stop this from happening but if there is 200kg in the basket the spider won't reach its full outreach of 9 meters.

The weight inside the baskets does not affect the overall height the cherry picker can reach, as long as all of the weight is over the centre of the machine the cherry picker will always reach a working height of 17.5 meters.  



cherry picker clearing out the gutters in Newark


How Do We Move Our Cherry Picker?


It is very obvious from the appearance of cherry picker that it runs on tracks. However, it is not so obvious that we can control the tracks using a remote controller up to 20 meters away from the machine. Our self-propelled tracked cherry picker can be positioned into place by driving it using its remote control from a safe distance away, this significantly reduces the risk of being crushed by the cherry picker if you accidentally tip it over or get crushed when navigating it through tight spaces. 

Because it moves its self using its tracks the spider cherry picker can be positioned in places that would be inaccessible for van mounted or trailer mounted cherry pickers.

Being propelled by tracks also gives the cherry picker the ability to climb up steps or climb over small walls and drive over rough terrain. 

The tracks on the cherry picker are white in colour, this is because they are nonmarking tracks, therefore the cherry picker can be driven across and spun around on paving without leaving ugly looking black marks on the ground.

Another interesting and useful feature of our cherry picker is the way it distributes its weight over the length of its tracks, despite the fact the cherry picker weighs roughly 2.5 tons, due to its clear design, the per square inch of pressure it puts down on the ground is less than a woman wearing a stiletto heel. This means the cherry picker can be driven across delicate floors like tiles in a shopping centre or paving without breaking them.



tracked spaider cherry picker on the move


How Is Our Cherry Picker Powered?


Our spider cherry picker can be powered in two ways, it has a Kubota diesel engine and an electric motor.

When operating the machine outside we generally power it using its diesel engine, we do this because it means we don't have to worry about running electric cables to the cherry picker which makes setting it up easier and quicker. The cherry picker also works much quicker when it is powered by its diesel engine. 

Having the ability to power the cherry picker using electric means we are able to use the spider indoors as the electric motor doesn't give off any exhaust gases. The electric motor is also much quieter than the diesel engine so they can also be very handy when we need to work quietly.    



diesel powered cherry picker

Advantages / Disadvantages Of Cherry Picker

The Advantages Of Using Cherry Pickers Safety - When the cherry picker is set up and operated by an experienced cherry picker operator, they are a very safe way to carry out works at heights. In 2016 the HSE estimated 5,956 injuries were caused on building sites as a result of falls from heights. The HSE also recorded 37 fatal accidents on building sites due to falls from heights making it the biggest killer of people in the building trade. Having a safe platform to carry out your works from is something we should all take seriously, Afterall the majority of us have families to consider. Cost - For small maintenance works or repairs at heights using cherry pickers to access jobs at height is extremely cost-effective, often saving hundreds of pounds in expense when compared to scaffolding. Speed - The speed that works can be carried out increases because the labour used to carry tools and materials up tall scaffolding is removed, the cherry picker does all of the carrying for us. Also the setup time of a cherry picker is extremely fast when compared to the time it takes to erect scaffolding and then remove it once the job is finished. Often it takes much longer to erect scaffolding and then remove it than the time it takes to carry out the required maintenance or repair works at heights. Not to mention you won't have to wait for days for the scaffolders to get round to erecting your scaffold and then sometimes even longer for them to return to remove it. It's worth mentioning at this point that not all scaffolding companies will make you wait for ages for them to remove your scaffolding but if you manage to find a good one please send us their number as our cherry picker can't reach everything. Ease - This obviously makes the job of the tradesman much easier as they don't have to worry about getting there equipment and materials into place as this goes up on the cherry picker with them. Aesthetics - Having scaffolding erected around your building can be very obtrusive, as scaffolding is designed to create a safe working platform for tradesmen to carry out works at heights, making it look pretty is often not a consideration when designing this practical work platform, Scaffolding can also have quite a large footprint taking up valuable parking spaces or making access inside a property awkward. Hiring a cherry picker with an operator means the machine will turn up on a trailer when the works are about to start and is then removed after the works are finished. Security - Leaving scaffolding erected overnight or at weekends when nobody is around can pose a security risk. It gives undesirable people the opportunity to access less secure windows and roofs at higher levels. The disadvantages of using cherry pickers - Weight Limit - When compared to scaffolding, using a cherry picker to carry out larger jobs such as re-roofs or installing items over 60kg in weight is impractical, as cherry pickers are not as effective as scaffolding as they are unable to hold a lot of weight in their baskets. Generally, when carrying out a re-roof the materials for the job will be lifted onto the scaffolding before it is installed on the roof, it is impractical to do this with a cherry picker. Cherry Pickers Can't Go Everywhere - Cherry pickers are extremely versatile pieces of machinery with the capabilities of fitting in small spaces and reach lofty heights, however, they cannot fit everywhere or reach everything. For more information regarding the capabilities of our tracked spider cherry picker please read the information above and if you are still unsure whether or not our cherry picker is capable or helping you with your project, feel free to contact us.



What Type Of Work Is The Spider Cherry Picker Used For?

We use our spider cherry picker for a variety of different types of jobs at heights, the majority of our own works are carrying out roof and chimney repairs/maintenance, this also includes gutter repairs and clearances but we often get asked to carry out many different jobs at high, hard to reach places. We also offer a cherry picker and operator hire service and regularly work with stove installation companies, where we install chimney liners and cowls and signage companies helping to install signs in that are either high up or over canopies. We also regularly work with tree surgeons and other roof repair companies.

For more information regarding our different services please click on one of the links below -



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Where Do We Offer Our Services?

The DJI team are a Nottinghamshire based company that works in and around Nottingham, Mansfield, Newark, Derby and Chesterfield. We do venture further afield for our regular customers, particularly when we don't need to visit the site to quote for the work. We don't mind having to travel as long as our time and fuel is accounted for in the price of the job. However, we don't travel long distances to quote for works, as often this can have a detrimental effect on our business.



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